A choice of press commentaries (in excerpts)

I.A.´s water-colours are virtuoso master pieces, precise, transparent and without any blurred touch ...You will never find loud, gaudy effects or improvisations and accidental results. Her kind of painting is always directed by a very delicate feeling for the balance of the elements...I.A. leads us into a clear, cheerful world, her art appeals to our minds and senses as well.
Dr. Bernhard Schnackenburg, Kassel

In the "Goya 2" gallery you can see water-colours and collages by I.A.; her painting is relaxed and never pushing you. I.A. can´t be fixed to a special way of painting, her range of colours is very varied. The motives and views are extremely different and stimulating, and thus you start a charming, sensitive and elegant journey along with these paintings...
E.L. Chavarrí Andújar in "Las Provincias", Valencia

She does not aim at the reproduction of what is visible in an old-fashioned manner, but at suggestions: a landscape is not something one can touch or even identify geographically; it is more generally like the result of a creative connection of elements of colour and space experience, which are perceived by the soul..
Olga Real in "Levante", Valencia

"Casa de Luz" and "Hogar Amanecer" are the names of two children´s homes in Latin America, where children from appaling family conditions find shelter and care. The painter Rocio Pluas from Ecuador works in the "Casa de Luz" in Buenos Aires, the "Hogar Amanecer" in Montevideo is the place of commitment of the German artist I.A. By using colours, paper and various materials they both try to give the children a chance to discover their own creative gifts, the therapeutical aspect of painting being very important, too ...The small sculptures made from paper pulp and acrylic colours by I.A., whose forms and design point at a figurative background, display a fascinating contrast to the children´s hand puppets which definitely have their own artistic qualities.
"Die Rheinpfalz", Landau