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You are visiting the workshop of an artist who - in more than 40 years- has displayed an extensive and varied activity and has shown her works of art in numerous exhibitions. Ilse Altrogge´s production is especially characterized by her bi-cultural experience of life: She lived in Spain and Latin America for 15 years, and the encounter of the different cultures and their artistic ways of expression is reflected in her own artistic creations.

Ilse Altrogge She was born and raised in Lage(Lippe), then she became a student with Hans Meyboden, professor at the Art Academy in Karsruhe, in his special classes at the Freiburg (Breisgau) branch.

After a short period as an art teacher she opened up her own studio in Bremen, and in 1984 she moved to Valencia(Spain). It was here that an especially productive phase of works and exhibitions started, triggered off and supported by the cooperation with many artists in that region.

From 1991 to 1994 she again worked in her studio in Bremen, there were international activities and a constant exchange of ideas with artists and in projects all over Europe.

After she had established her studio in Montevideo(Uruguay) in 1995, she again enlarged the spectrum of her artistic possibilities through the influence of the varied forms of art in Latin America: In addition to oil paintings and graphic works she started making sculptures and finally hand puppets, inspired by her own therapeutic work with homeless children in Uruguay ( If you click the button Exhibitions on this web-site you fill find a short video clip with an interview about Ilse Altrogge´s exhibition at Punta del Este to give you an idea of that period of work in Latin America).

Since the end of 2002 Ilse Altrogge lives in Germany again, she is active in her studio and with exhibitions (cf. Contact).